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SuiteCRM: A right solution for Insurance Companies and Agents

Competition is fierce, and trust can be hard to come by in the insurance business. Insurance companies, agents and brokers need to build trust with their prospects by providing a great experience, contextual communication, and resolving claims quickly. CRM helps them to automate their repetitive process better organize their workflows, making digital KYCs, claims. Allow companies to focus more on addressing and prioritizing their customer's needs better.

SuiteCRM is an incredible tool and the right choice for Insurance brokers because it is an open-source application that is free to download and has ease of use, with freedom and flexibility to customize your CRM to your own bespoke needs. With SuiteCRM, you can achieve the features of any available CRMs in the market at a zero rate. As there is no vendor lock-in, you will be able to use it on your private cloud, on the server that allows you to keep your data at your end. It includes a reporting engine where you can drive a variety of reports such as revenue, customer lists, and campaigns, but different business has unique requirements. SuiteCRM has metrics specific to insurance companies such as Policy-based coverage, Agent Progress, Premiums Status, Agent Progress, Client Applications.


Creative Services

  • Streamline sales process to succeed
  • Improve closure rates and boost your business opportunity
  • Automate day to day repetitive operations
  • Easy onboarding / Documents processing / Digital KYC
  • Manage and update claims and policies

You can view several day-to-day details of an insurance company with a click. Examine record history, see summary reports, and monitor user activities in real-time. Implement the customizable options of SuiteCRM to keep track of your customer's life events like birthdays, anniversaries to maintain a welcoming relationship with them. With giveaways and bonuses, target individuals - who are halfway through their plans and educate them on the worth of their insurance coverage. SuiteCRM can be used as lead generation for insurance agents since you can record your data from web forms, websites, emails.