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Customized Open Source CRM is a right choice for businesses who are just adopting CRM

  • Feb 2023
  • syed
  • 4

Customized Open Source CRM is a right choice for businesses who are just adopting CRM it is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes, especially those who are just adopting CRM technology. The reason is simple - it is cost-effective, flexible and customizable. With open source CRM, you can create a solution that perfectly fits your business needs without breaking the bank.

Cost-Effective CRM for a Startup E-Commerce or a marketplace

  • Jan 2023
  • Syed
  • 32

CRM solution built on the SuiteCRM application for e-commerce businesses. It provides a hassle-free journey for marketplace business owners to manage end-to-end operations on a single platform. Our e-commerce CRM solution has all the feature-rich enterprise-ready modules of standard commercial CRM and also reinforces with Sales Order Management, Sold Products Management and SKU Management.

Why CRM Software Is a Must-Have Tool for Every Organisation?

  • Sep 2022
  • Khadijah
  • 31

CRM is an acronym that every mid-sized firm should be familiar with it. If you're thinking about starting your own business, you're probably curious about how other companies keep their clients. How do they send you e-mails that strike you in the heart and make you click "add to cart" and place your order? How can a company expand smoothly? Why do consumers trust a firm and return to it for further services? All of these queries have a straightforward response.

How is Machine Learning transforming CRM operations?

  • Oct 2021
  • Khadijah
  • 11

Ever since its advent, machine learning is ruling the virtual world. Nowadays, we use the applications of machine learning in our day-to-day life at least thrice daily. How? Re-read the opening sentence of the blog. Virtual assistants are one of the widely used applications of ML, a subfield of artificial intelligence which bases on the notion that systems can learn from data, detect patterns, and make choices with little or no human interaction.