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  • Jan 2023
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Cost-Effective CRM for a Startup E-Commerce or a marketplace


Building an online marketplace sounds exciting. But likely, it is a risky business venture where you are trying to compete with major players who are armored with considerable market share, better organized, and associated with most shipping partners.

The marketplace is a technology-driven business venture that operates in Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), Direct to Consumer (D2C) and Dropshipping. A sizeable portion of the investment is spent on technology and onboarding customer-centric business solutions. CRM plays a vital role in entire business operations. Vary from customer registration, sales order management, invoice management, label printing, waybill generation, real-time tracking of parcels, post-sales support and many more.

In this article, you become aware of the open-source CRM application, which resolves the dilemma of needing any commercial applications. It also showcases the feature-rich enterprise-ready alternative to high-rated CRMs in the software industry. It provides all the benefits of CRM at substantially affordable costs ( Zero Subscription), accompanied by the freedom and flexibility of open source to map any business process.

In the era of specialization and personalization, having a standard commercial application is painful. It's a much higher pain when you have to; invest more in customizing and tailoring the crm software to match your business needs and requirements. Whereas; open-source applications are freely available and ready to download and use.

At this junction, we recommend SuiteCRM. It is one of the most downloaded open-source software in the world, having 4+ Million Users Worldwide. Due to its free availability, the cost of implementing crm software reduces to 80% compared to any standard commercial application. It's just not pocket friendly it's architecture allows you to scale the application with desired features & functionality needed for business operations. It also exposes web services to seamlessly integrate with any third-party application to provide the complete necessary solution to your business.

CRMAppz developed a software solution built on the #SuiteCRM application for e-commerce businesses. It provides a hassle-free journey for marketplace business owners to manage end-to-end operations on a single platform. Our e-commerce CRM solution has all the feature-rich enterprise-ready modules of standard commercial CRM and also reinforces with Sales Order Management, Sold Products Management and SKU Management. Also added wings for single-click label printing, generating waybills from different shipping partners like BlueDart, DHL, ATS, FedEx and Delhivery by selecting the appropriate shipper and tracking post-shipping status in real-time from respective shipping partner APIs.

CRMAppz, A team of specialists in CRM, have prolonged experience in delivering tailored-made CRM solutions, besides our expertise and skillsets. We help our customers to reduce the cost of CRM implementation. We Hear You ! ! We're Here For You ! !. Feel free to express your requirements and share your ideas. Our consultants are open to chatting through your ideas, requirements and needs. If you need any assistance to evaluate SuiteCRM needs. Our initial consultation is free. You can reach us at